Julep: A Summer Day Mystery Solved!

31 Jul

There’s a good chance that if you do your own nails and enjoy reading blogs online, you’ll have come across Julep before. I was first introduced to Julep from the sale website Gilt, which had three interesting polish colors as well as a cuticle-oil roll on bottle on sale for a nice price, so on a whim I tried them. In truth, I mostly wanted the cuticle oil, since it was the first time I’d heard of such a product. (Can you tell this happened quite a while ago?) Weeks and weeks passed (due to Gilt, not Julep) so by the time I received my package, I’d almost forgotten about it.

I fell in love with the cuticle oil immediately. I’ve yet to try any others, but I hope to soon. I have nothing to compare it to, but I found the Julep cuticle oil to be a really pleasant smell and great for smoothing and softening my cuticles. I do not like to use cuticle nippers on anything but hangnails and particularly noticeable bits of dead skin, so it’s important to keep my cuticles up to shape or the world will see the shame of it all. Even now I cringe when I look through mani photos and see up close what I couldn’t in life. (Maybe I just have really bad eyes.) The only negative is the oil can be, well, oily! I tried to use some on my boyfriend, who, until my pestering, bit his nails and suffered from hangnails, but that oily leavings were just too much for his manly ways (and his ocd). I don’t blame him, I’m not particularly a fan of that feeling either, but girls do things in the name of beauty that would baffle males. Moving on.


Everyone should use something on their cuticles to help keep them in shape!

The polishes themselves seemed decent, but at the time I only owned OPI polish, and in comparison, I found the Julep to be lacking. The formula felt a little thin, and it took multiple coats to achieve the look I wanted. Hindsight is always 20/20, because I feel that my quick judgement came from inexperience. After all, I used a particularly sheer color on my toenails (toenails are my experimental color nails) and the color stayed on for months. Literally. Actually, there’s still some polish on at least 3 toes. …Maybe I should work on that.

Anyhoo, I looked into Julep after falling for their oil, and had a fun time on their website taking quizzes and looking at style profiles. My style, at least as far as nail art/color is concerned is a bit all over the place, so I took the test multiple times to see where they’d place me. Even after all of the time spent on the website, I just couldn’t make the commitment to become a maven. What’s a maven? I’m not trying to sell you anything, so in a nutshell, it’s a nail polish subscription service. You pay $20 a month and you get a couple new colors mailed straight to your door.

I wasn’t a fan of paying what I consider premium prices for a polish I didn’t know very much about, let alone getting colors I may not even like (back in the day when I didn’t like certain colors, can you imagine?). Plus, whenever you say subscription I get nervous like a snowball in hell. Months passed and I forgot about the Juleps in my growing collection of polishes. Then, out of no where, I saw Julep at Sephora. Maybe it was worth another glance. I was pondering Julep, reading reviews, watching unboxings, when this came to my email.

summerdaysA mystery box?! I love surprises, a little bit too much to be honest. It doesn’t matter what the surprise is (unless it’s a bad surprise…obviously). As a rule of thumb, my curiosity is painfully peaked until a mystery is solved, be in a package in the mail or christmas gifts. At $25, it was a relatively cheap indulgence, so I decided to try it out. I bought the box, which was part polish addiction, part surprise, and part gambling. I hope I get a big fancy box! Well, let’s see what I got, shall we? After all, just because I had to wait (almost a full week! oh, woe is me) doesn’t mean you have to! Here goes.

Ta da!

Pretty discrete packaging. I was expecting something a bit more fancy; at least a colored box! I was taught not to judge a book by it’s cover (or a mystery box by it’s wrapping) so lets not judge too quickly.


That’s more like it! Wrapped like a little present. Let’s open it up.


Very bright and colorful! I wanted to toss around the yellow confetti, but knew that since I’d be the one cleaning it up, I refrained. Instead, I painstakingly dug out the contents.


Peony colored lip gloss, some toe separators, which are always handy, and I see four polishes in that pretty orange bag!


NailPolish7162013 (10 of 14)NailPolish7162013 (11 of 14) NailPolish7162013 (14 of 14) NailPolish7162013 (13 of 14) NailPolish7162013 (12 of 14)

Final Thoughts? I love all the colors Julep gave for the price. The added bonus of lip gloss, which I love using, was a nice bonus. However, I’m not sure if I’m a Julep fan yet. The amount of polish they give you in the bottle is, frankly, disappointing, and application for every Julep color I own has been tedious at best. Perhaps I haven’t given Julep it’s fair due, but of the 3 times I’ve used it, I’ve been a little disappointed. The main reason I want to give them another chance is their good customer service (see future post! oooo, mystery!) and the surprise. I love going to my mailbox and having fun random polish delivered. Is the surprise worth the price though? Only a few more manis can tell.

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