Letting the Quality of your Polish Shine

3 Sep

This weeks mani started out as a rather elaborate design I spied in a magazine. After attempting the design however, I had issues trying to use punch hole enforcers instead of plan ol’ scotch tape as recommended in a few other nail art blogs,  but it ended in disaster. I carefully stripped the failed mani and stuck to a super simplistic mani to make up lost time, but was surprisingly pleased with the result. In all of our fancy tools, sometimes we forget to allow the beauty of a polish speak for itself. That’s exactly what happened with these week’s picks, OPI’s A Woman’s Prague-ative and Deborah Lippmann’s A Glamorous Life.

Today's Colors, how shiny!I don’t know how well you can make out the colors in this picture, but you’ll have to trust me; they’re stunning. The OPI color is rich with a sparkly multifaceted shine. The Deborah Lippman has an odd silky/shiny sheen, almost giving the impression of softened foil. The tones were well suited to each other, and the depth of sparkle in the OPI contrasted nicely with the smoothness of the Deborah Lippman.

NailPolish932013 (2 of 9)As you can see, the Deborah Lippman was my main color, while the OPI served nicely as an accent. The colors remind me of an elegant steampunk theme. Both OPI and Deborah Lippmann applied like a dream. The OPI was a easy, medium consistence polish that was very easy to apply for a fine glitter. The Deborah Lippmann went on as smoothly as butter, but you did have to keep an eye out for visible brush strokes. This polish is not forgiving in that aspect. Overall I feel you can tell the quality in these polishes. They really do make doing manis a snap. Plus, I had such control over the polish that there was minimal cleanup. (Though be warned, it’s damn near impossible to clean up the glitter from A Woman’s Prague-ative.)

NailPolish932013 (5 of 9)In this photo I feel you can really see the softness I was trying to describe. See it compared to the OPI color? The OPI almost seems harsher, doesn’t it? It’s an amazing color, don’t get me wrong, but you can definitely see the difference.

NailPolish932013 (4 of 9)Just for fun, to finish off this mani I found some little black rhinestones  and made a little Mickey Mouse. Well, I was trying to do a pretty little triangle design, but all I can see is Mickey. (Oh no, now that’s all you can see too, isn’t it??)

Difficulty? 1/10 Super easy; made simpler by plain ol’ good quality polish. They may be pricey, but there’s no denying their appeal.

Final Thoughts? I want to attempt that tricky mani again to show you ladies, but for now I’m happy with this one. I like the simple, elegant design created by good color choices and a tiny stone detail. Moving the design inward on the nail created a nice change of pace for me too, as I tend to enjoy doing designs up the sides of the nails. I can easily see this worn to a fancy dinner or wedding. It’s simple, yes, but it’s a little more trendy than the tradition french manicure, but the nude color tone helps keep this mani looking classic and classy – not trashy. 




Thoughts? Comments?

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